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                          HOWARD L. ROBBINS


 June, 2013





     Business Address:              Howard L. Robbins


                                                Menifee CA, 92584


     Business Telephone:           (951) 679-9955



                                                Menifee CA, 92584


     Telephone:                          (951) 679-9955

     Fax:                                    (951) 679-9955


     Internet Address:               smilefox@foxsmile.com






     A.A. Liberal Arts                                          San Bernardino Valley College, l962

     B.A. Elementary Education                           San Francisco State College, l965

     M.S. Education (Instrucional Technology)     University of Southern California, l968



Retired                                                 Media Consultant and Web Developer

                                                            1997 to Present


Director                                               Biomedical Communications , USC School of Medicine

                                                            Instructional Imaging Systems, l993 to 1997                                                                      


Associate Director                               Biomedical Communications

                                                            Department of Medical

                                                            USC School of Medicine

                                                            Education, Dianne Heestand,

                                                            Ed.D., Director, l976 to 1997.


Clinical Instructor in                            USC School of Medicine, Department

     Medical Education                         of Medical Education; Stephen

                                                           Abrahamson, Ph.D., Associate Dean; l973-1997.


 Director of Curriculum and                USC School of Medicine, Postgraduate                                                    

     Media Development                       Division, Phil R. Manning, M.D.,

                                                            Associate Dean; l97l-l976.


  Coordinator of Educational              USC School of Medicine, Postgraduate

     Media                                             Division, (Community Hospital Project), Phil R. Manning, M.D., Associate Dean; l969-l97l.


   Pre-Doctoral Fellow                      Division of Research in Medical

                                                            Education, National Institute of

                                                            Health, USC School of Medicine;

                                                            Stephen Abrahamson, Ph.D.,

                                                            Director; l967-l969.


     Acting Department Head               Instructional Technology

                                                            Department, University of Southern California,

                                                            Summer, l967.


    Photographer and Audio-               NDEA Institute for Teachers of

    visual Coordinator                           Culturally Disadvantaged Youth;

                                                            Dr. David W. Martin, Director;

                                                            University of Southern California,

                                                            Summer, l967.               


     Teaching Assistant                         Instructional Technology

                                                            Department, University of Southern California;

Dr. James D. Finn, Chairman; l966-l967.


     Participant                                      NDEA Media Specialists Institute;

                                                            Dr. Daniel A. Peck, Director,

                                                            San Francisco State College;

                                                            Summer, l966.


     Full-time teacher                             Fifth Grade, Buena Vista School; Walnut Creek, California (including services as Audiovisual  Coordinator for the School); l965-  l966.

     Audiovisual Coordinator                  Frederick Burk School, (demonstrational school), San Francisco State College,





    Consultant/Foreign Expert              Project Hope, People to People

                                                            Foundation, Inc., Zhejiang Medical University, Learning Resources

                                                            Center, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, March l987 to March l988.


    Consultant                                       Computer Presentation Technology

                                                            Pro Staff, Inc., Osaka, Japan,

                                                            July 1992.




    HeSCA's Computer Academy, Macintosh Track II, Health Science

    Communication Association (HeSCA), 3.5 Continuing Education units, 1992


     Putting Computer Graphics Technology to Work:  Parts l and 2,

     Health Science Communications Association (HeSCA),

     7 Continuing Education units, l988.


     Computer Graphics and the Three P's, Turning What You've Imagined

     Into Reality, Health Science Communications Association (HeSCA),

     3.5 Continuing Education units, l988.


     Marketing Your Media, Health Science Communications Association,

     (HeSCA), 4 Continuing Education units, l985.





     Association for Education Communication and Technology (AECT)

     The Health Sciences Communication Association (HeSCA)




     Manning, Phil R.; Covell, David G.; Anderson, Richard; Petersen,

Hugh M.; Robbins, Howard L.; "Medical School Involvement in Aiding

the Community Hospital to Develop into an Intramural Teaching Center,"

Los Angeles County Medical Association Bulletin, pages 8-9.  October,

l970, Vol. 100


     Covell, David G.; Anderson, Richard; Petersen, Hugh M.; Robbins,

Howard L.; Manning, Phil R.; "The Community Hospital as a Teaching

Center," Los Angeles County Medical Association Bulletin, pages 27-

29,February 3, l972, Vol. l02.


     Skovronsky, Thomas; Tanisaki, Dana; Petersen, Hugh M.; Anderson,

Richard; Covell, David G.; Robbins, Howard L.; Manning, Phil R.;

"Interactional Analysis of Physicians Participating in Self-

Instructional Study Groups," Journal of Medical Education, pages l074-

l079.  December, l97l, Vol. 46.


     Anderson, Richard E.; Covell, David G.; Petersen, Hugh M.;

Robbins, Howard L.; Manning, Phil R.; "Establishing a Setting for the

Use of Instructional Materials in the Community Hospital."

Proceedings of the Fifth Rochester Conference on Self-Instruction and

Medical Education, April l-3, l97l, Rochester, New York.





     "Teaching Technologies for the l980's," Chapter l0 in Health Care

     Financial Management in the l980's - Time of Transition edited

     by J. B. Silvers, William N. Zelman, Charles N. Kahn III, AUPHA

     Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Washington, D.C., l983, p. l55.





     "Producing a slide/tape program on Oratracheal Intubation."

     Presentation to the annual meeting, HeSCA, l969, Los Angeles,



     "Teaching Technologies for the 80's:  Alternatives for the Future

     in Health Care Financial Management.  Health Care Financial

     Management in the 80's--Time of Transition."  A Faculty Institute

     of the Association of University Programs in Health

     Administration, March 25-27, l982, Cleveland, Ohio.


     "Using Audiovisual Materials in a Nurse Training Program."

     Presentation to Nursing faculty of Xian Medical University, Xian,

     People's Republic of China, December, l987.


      "Videodisc Repurposing," Chair, Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California, January 31-February 4, 1990.


      "Imaging Service Bureaus Versus In-House Production, Presentations 90, Graphics & Multimedia Conference & Exposition, Long Beach California, September 17-19, 1990.


      "Presentation Graphics for the Macintosh," HeSCA's Computer Academy,

       Health Sciences Communications Association (HeSCA), Annual Meeting,

       June 15, 1991.


      "Creating A Computer Interactive Program Using MacroMind Directorę," Health Sciences Communication Association, Rockville, MD, June 6, 1992


      "Anatomy of a Media Services Database'" Wolrd Congress on Biomedical Communications, Orlando, FL., June, 1994.




     Selected Website (Commercial)

            www.coffeegallery.com, 1999

            www.softheatsauna.com, 1998

            www.icehouseonline.com, 2000

            www.vipmotoring.com  2003

            www.tlcentertainment.com  2003

            www.wallaccents.com, 2003

            www.sandrarobbins.com, 2005

            www.anselmgalleryimages.com, 2006



 Selected home pages for "USC Health Science Campus"  World Wide Web server, Multi-platform Producer-Director, 1994.


     "An Interactive Review of Pelvic Mass," Computer Interactive Multimedia program,                            

     Macintosh Platform, Producer-Director, 1991


     "Orientation to Project Hope's China Project," slide tape, 40

     minutes, Producer, l988.


     "On Call l00 Years, USC School of Medicine Centennial,"

     videotape, ll minutes, Producer, l985.


     Public service announcements featuring Ms. Liv Ullmann, Health

     Behavior Research Institute drug abuse program, videotape,

     Producer-Director, l984.


     Simulated Psychiatric Patient Interviews, a series of l2

     videocassettes, l5 minutes each, Executive Producer, produced

     l974 and l982.


     "Take My Inventory, Please," videotape, 20 minutes, produced for

     American Medical International, Producer, l980.


     "Heartland," an award winning multimedia training package

     (filmstrips, workbooks, models) produced for the American Heart

     Association, 6 hours of instruction for kindergarten through

     sixth grade students, Production Coordinator, l979.


     Cancer in Los Angeles County, videocassette, 55 minutes,

     Director, l976.


     The Mayer Teaching Center, multimedia (film, videotape, live video presenters,

     audiotape, slides), l8 minutes, Dedication of The Louis B. Mayer Teaching Center for donors and guests, Producer-Director, l97l.


     Orotracheal Intubation, multimedia training package (Slide/tape,

     handouts, mannequin, film), 20 minutes, Producer-Director, l97l.


     Shock, multimedia instructional package (slide/tape, handouts),

     6 hours of instruction, Producer-Director, l97l.


     Rx Change, multimedia presentation for opening of the Louis B.

     Mayer Medical Teaching Center (slide, film, live presentation,

     television live and videotape), Producer/Director, l970.


     Health Care in England, Norway and Australia, videotape, b & w,

     40 minutes, Director, l969.

    Trauma of Treatment, l6mm film, sound, color, l5 minutes,

     Producer/Cowriter, l968.